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Dec 6, 2013 7:00am PST
. scott contends the new technology that allows them to screen and select the viable embryo, makes the success rate almost as good as when two or more are used. >> they need fewer treatment cycles. >> reporter: many women who undergo ibf can only do it once. and wanted to double their odds. but this new technology could limit some of the rolling of the dice aspect. this is something that women will have to discuss on a case-by-case basis, with their doctor, based on their age and their particular fertility problem. >> dr. besser's mantra. >> thank you, linsey. >>> coming up, very special performance from the cast of "the lion king," as we remember nelson mandela. >>> good morning. i'm kristen sze. a san jose police officer is recovering from injuries suffered in a rear ending crash this morning. ilt happened shortly before 6:00 on san carlos street. investigators say the officers patrol car was stopped at a light when a speeding driver hit him from behind. the suspect got out of his vehicle and tried to run, but a nearby hotel security guard chased him down and tackled him. and pol
Dec 9, 2013 7:00am PST
york last week. radar guns will be used to monitor speed and new technology is being installed to automatically apply emergency brakes if the train does not slow down before the massive curve in question here. two senators are calling for cameras on all trains nationwide to be pointed at engineers. >>> a showdown is looming today with the world watching after this stunning scene. some half a million people in ukraine descending on the capital and in so doing toppling a statue. of former soviet leader vladimir lennon. they're demanding their president resign. the government is deploying riot police today, demanding protesters leave city hall. >>> and for the first time in nearly a half century, a race riot has erupted in singapore. four workers attacked police there, overturning cars and setting this ambulance on fire. they're furious over the death of an indian worker there. >>> also caught on camera, a massive brawl between rival soccer fans at this game in brazil. it is now raising concerns about security at the world cup coming next summer. police fired rubber bullets. a med
Dec 4, 2013 7:00am PST
. it was not equipped with technology that would have automatically slowed it down. >>> and the ceo convicted of stealing some $134 million from his own company is set to go free now. former tyco executive, dennis kozlowski has been granted parole here in new york. he will serve only 8 years of his maximum 25-year sentence. kozlowski famously threw that $2 million toga party for his wife. he said he was living in a ceo bubble that allowed him to rationalize all he did. >>> and near philadelphia, police are looking for this bridge, caught on camera, no less, helping herself to holiday donations set aside for needy children. she swiped the items from a toys for tots box, before casually strolling off. if this woman was in a financial bind, they would have helped her. the philly police. friends of samuel j. and here to present him with a special plaque. but i love recognizing philly's finest. >>> finally, instead of toys, no surprise here. kids are asking santa for an ipad this year. look at what your child might do with one. we sped this up. kyle lambert spent 200 hours using the finger paintin
Dec 5, 2013 7:00am PST
temperature-balancing layer with active air technology that works on any mattress brand, including yours. it's only at a sleep number store, where this holiday season, the hottest sleep innovations make the coolest gifts, including sleep number dual temp. discover dual temp at one of our 425 sleep number stores nationwide. sleep number. comfort individualized. >>> get ready to meet the most unlikely star of monster trucks. rosily ramos. rings the competition dominated by men. bianna golodryga has her story. >> reporter: her license plate says princess. but this is no royal carriage. and rosalee raymer is not your average girlie girl. >> being in a truck with 600 horsepower is unlike anything else. >> reporter: at 16 years old, ramer is barely old enough to drive. but that's not stopping her from crushing the competition as a monster truck driver. >> it's something that i've dreamt about. and i'm finally doing it. going over the jumps, sometimes 20, 30 feet in the air, i feel like i'm flying. >> reporter: when she comes back to earth, she says she lands as smooth as can be. >> i got eight nit
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4